Saturday, 29 January 2011

Taking my own advice

This week started off as a tired week, thanks to work, I guess. Then Thursday came and I reverted to my other job--taking care of the Fam! It's been easier lately--Malachi has been sleeping a little bit better, and Michelle has been recovering (6 weeks now since the C-section), now able to take a larger load in the work we share. So in between the usual dishes, laundry, cleaning (!?), cooking, and diapers, we got a few things done. We finished stuffing envelopes for Malachi's birth announcement. We went mattress shopping and bought one quite quickly from the store a block away. I threw it on the roof racks and drove it home. Then I threw the old one on the roof racks to take it to the dump, but it fell off on South Fraser Way when one of my bungee cords snapped. That was a bit hairy, but I managed to get it back on quickly and drive to a quiet street where I tied it down with twine. Then I drove 30 km/hour all the way to the dump! We bought that old mattress over 7 years ago and it served us well.

Today we got out to watch a play, Gallery 7 Theatre's Tuesdays with Morrie. It was good! A bit of a tearjerker actually. It is my favourite performance I've seen where Ken the Artistic Director has been an actor...meanwhile Grandma and Grandpa were over to watch Kate and Malachi. They got a bit more than they bargained for as Kate has been potty training the last few days and was not tired enough to nap this afternoon. Kate has done quite well during the last few days. She pees in her potty and although I had to help her get there this time, she also put in some solids tonight.

The ceiling fan has been crying again lately, as in the roof is still leaking. Looks like we'll get some sunny weather now so I'm not too worried. The strata corp. had the roof guys here yesterday but they might have to do a call back.

Regarding the title of this post, I have been eating lots of beans! White beans, pinto, black, edamame. Sometimes I notice some interesting effects a few hours later but they haven't been that bad overall. The rest of the family seems to fare worse--especially Malachi! Which leaves me to eat even more beans by myself. Protein! I have been losing weight again these last few months. People have noticed that my cheeks are not as chubby as they used to be. I suspect some of the digestive aids I've been using are working a little too well, maybe. I think I'm back to my high school weight (150 lbs). I need to find something fattening...maybe I'll eat an avocado a day or something.

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