Friday, 19 May 2017

Handy Andrew

Some time ago I decided to start my own business. It had always been a small pipe dream of mine, but some circumstances at my regular job propelled me just a little more than before. I found myself registering a business name, obtaining a licence and signing up to collect PST (oh, joy!). I set up a website, printed a few business cards, and bought a truck. Without really trying I found myself with too much work, so I've now given my notice at Floform and will commence Handy Andrew in earnest on June 1.

What does Handy Andrew do, you ask? Well, so far just about anything that requires some handiness. :) My accepted quotes right now include bedroom furniture (built-in desk and dresser), custom built RV cabinets, and a day at a house doing drywall repair, window hinge repair, and pressure washing. I'm also painting some cabinets for a friend from church right now.

I'm enjoying the business set-up side of things, although parts of it are a little daunting too. I'm hoping to give more energy to this when I have more time. Right now time is limited!