Sunday, 6 October 2019

Alternator fun

A month or so ago I was driving a friend/customer to Vancouver to pick up a bed. He complimented on my truck, saying how well it was running (for its age). Well, we were in the tunnel under Hastings when I noticed my battery light flicker on. I was a little worried that I'd get stuck in Vancouver, but it flickered right back off again and was fine, in fact so fine that I kind of forgot about it even though it started to blink on with more frequency.

Then last week it was kind of on all the time. I decided it was probably the alternator, or maybe the battery. But it kept starting, no problem.

But eventually I decided I'd better get another alternator. I called around to the scrapyards, if they'd had one in stock it would have been less than $50, and new was $250-$300 from the auto parts places, so I ordered one on Amazon for $170. It was a couple of days shipping, and the day before it arrived my truck died.

I wasn't too far from home so I took the bus home, put an old battery in my backpack, and biked back. I switched batteries, the truck started, and drove for about 3 blocks before dying again. So I bought a new battery from a store nearby and managed to nurse the truck all the way home.

I took out the old alternator and waited until the next day for the new one. It went in without too much hassle. And truckie's been working fine ever since. Well, mostly fine--sometimes seems to run a little rough, I might have to get my fan clutch checked out...

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Mario Kart 8/19

Victor and Malachi and I had a race in Harrison. We rented some dune buggy bicycle things. One of them had a side car.
Victor and I were in the lead.

Despite our best efforts, Malachi started gaining in his Malachimobile. (I suspect he got a mushroom)

He pulled even with us! We pelted him with squid ink, turtle shells, and a lightning bolt, but it was no use!

He passed the finish line well ahead of us. We hung our heads in disappointment.

But it was a good day anyway. We cooled off in the lake, headed to the pub for supper, and were home before bedtime!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Winter and Spring Adventures

Again, a dearth of posts lately. Apologies to all four of my loyal fans! Now that I finally joined Facebook, blogging has really slowed down!

On my birthday this past February I took Victor and the kids up Sasquatch for tubing. Here is a picture of us riding the moving sidewalk:

Then sometime this spring the kids went shopping for new shoes. It was a nice day and they wanted to try out their shoes on the soccer field near our house (how many kids have artificial turf a one minute walk away?). I like this picture of Malachi in action.

Tomorrow we are striking the set for Midsummer Night's Dream. No new plays until the fall. Lots of carpentry jobs in the pipe, though.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Hamster in the Sink

I was working away at a customer's empty basement suite, getting it tenant-ready, minding my own business, when I reached for an orange rag in the sink. Imagine my surprise when the rag was soft and warm and wiggled in my hand! It was a hamster!


How did a hamster get in the sink? It remains a mystery. I did find a few droppings on top of the fridge. Otherwise the place was spotless...

My customer was equally mystified but adamant that he did not want a hamster occupying his basement suite without a tenancy agreement. So I took it home in a bucket in my truck. Unfortunately he hopped out of the bucket and hid behind the glove compartment, until finally lured out that night with a plate of peanut butter. A colleague of Michelle's happened to have an empty hamster cage handy and my kids were quite excited to adopt him. His working name right now is "Teddy."

Sometimes life surprises you!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

A Thousand Thoughts

Ha! Maybe more like two:

I haven't been blogging much. I blame my work blog However, occasionally during my frantic race to make and fix things, I have the Odd Thought.

1. Money:
At one time I used to compartmentalize money in my head by Quarters. I think when I was five I might have got a quarter for my allowance? And I would save up my quarters to buy things. Later it moved to dollars, and by high school I would think in terms of tens (6 tens to pay for internet for 3 months, I think it was...mowing lawns was 1.5 tens for two hours of hard labour). Once entrenched in the working world I graduated to hundreds: about a hundred dollars for a day's work, or $500 for a month of part-time youth pastoring...$300 to fix my car... And now...I think in Thousands. A thousand for rent...a thousand to pay the month's Visa bill...2000 to 4000 income per month depending on how I bill...

I suppose the next move is Ten Thousands! Maybe one day!

2. People:
Something happens when you get to know someone a little bit. They are no longer an other, a stranger. As a handyman I get to know quite a few people a little bit (usually not too well, though--it's the nature of the job). At first all the billions of the world are strangers to you. They are different, even the ones that are similar. You have a few friends like you, a few family like you, but (at least for me) you may not have much interest in getting to know a lot more people. "The more I meet new people, the more I like my dog" With work, sometimes I'm "in and out" of a stranger's house, and there is some mutual trust and respect around the exchange of labour and money, but that's the extent of it. Other times, though, I settle in for more of a long haul job, maybe 3 or 4 days worth, or a few different mornings, or whatever. And I come to realize that People are Cool. Sure, I may not want to live in their house, but I definitely come to appreciate other people and the things they are doing. One family I met adopted some kids from Liberia. Another family had an extra room that they opened to a man who was going through a separation of some sort, and his two-year-old son. Another family grows organic vegetables in their backyard as part of a neighbourhood program. I thank God for the variety of people I've been able to meet, and the ways they love others.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Salad and Wine: The Parable of the Weeds

The latest and greatest music video to come!  Featuring Andrew's homemade cajon.
Loosely based on Jesus' parable of the weeds found in Matthew 13

Hey Boss! We hope you're not too teed
Your dirt was guaranteed
We don't have any leads
What happened to your seeds
Your crop is full of weeds

They were planted by my enemy

Uh...Boss...Do you really mean to say
Sometime the other day
While the April wind blew
Someone snuck in here with new
Tiny fluffy parachutes?


Fresh salad greens all summer
Dandelion wine all winter

Monday, 19 March 2018


I've been enjoying the Spring Light.
Especially when mixed with sawdust.

And tonight there was a nice rainbow in Clearbrook. Super brilliant. The photo barely shows it though.