Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Lonely Fire Hydrant

Once upon a time there was a lonely fire hydrant.

It lived in a vast park. It tried to make conversation with various pine cones, to no avail. It wished it had a friend.

One day its wish came true. A boy named Andrew was walking by after an ice storm. He thought the fire hydrant was picturesque in its surroundings. No one had ever paid it attention before and the fire hydrant was smitten. But the boy had to go because it was getting dark.

The fire hydrant was sad but also glad that it had met the boy.

The End


Here in the Fraser Valley we had an ice storm over the past few days. It had been cold with a bit of snow, then some warmer air moved in and the freezing rain took down a bunch of trees, power lines, etc. Today was sunny and things started to melt a bit. Here's a couple of photos from Mill Lake:

Monday, 18 December 2017

Walk in the Rain

On Sunday, for reasons I cannot explain,
I decided to take a long walk in the rain.

The new tower to the south of Mill Lake gets lost in the low clouds

A long walk can lessen static back pain
And help minds boxed in all week to attain
a re-appreciation of all that is main.

To slow down and notice the signs in the lane
-driving past in my truck no notice to deign-
Giving conscience condescension arraigned
Judged and juried, moving past all that is bane.

Hmm. Any more archaic 'ān' words I can use in this poem?