Thursday, 2 August 2012

Compa Knee's Crowd

Well, you faithful followers may remember my frustration regarding my daughter's fears and my hope that adding company would ease the sleep situation. And, joy, my hopes have been partially realized with some help from her mother's wisdom. We moved Malachi into Kate's room a few weeks ago, and they adjusted quite quickly and it's been going okay. Things can get a little bit hairy at bedtime when one or the other is ready to sleep and one is not, and bedtime routines have gotten conglomerated or otherwise watered down, but overall it's working. Kate is even sleeping with the light off when Malachi is in his nearby crib! And we have our room to ourselves again and I don't have to tiptoe past my sleeping toddler at strange hours and hope that he doesn't wake up and see me!

On another vein my batching week went well, other than the fact that I worked every spare waking minute on my kitchen countertops and still didn't quite get the sink hooked up by the time my family returned. But the main piece is in and working and looks pretty good (if I do say so myself!). Now there remains a small piece where the phone sits, and a long bar under the windowsill, but those can be done in good time. Also there is a bit of tiling to do (to replace the backsplash). I have not done any tiling before, but I have two people who have volunteered to help me out, so that is good! In the near future I will post some pictures of the countertop in fabrication for anybody who is interested in the inner workings of the solid surface industry (trade secrets!).