Sunday, 9 December 2012


This is a picture Kate made by tracing her hand and her Daddy's, then colouring them in and writing our names in them. It is quite the privilege to be her Daddy! Although:

Some days go by so slowly when I'm home with Kate and her brother--especially when one of them is tired and they start to fight. It's like waiting for molasses to come out of the carton (not that I do that very often)...waiting for Michelle to come home from school to help me deal with the fallout. But other days go well. Now we re-enter the 2 year old stage with Malachi, as Kate continues to spread her little wings and slowly train to fly. Empty nesting is only 16 years away!

(I've been told many times that "they grow up so fast." This is usually followed by the qualifier, "it doesn't seem like it at the time, but it really does go by fast." While I believe this must be true, I'll wait until they're grown up to make this advice my own.)

As an update to my previous post about S.A.D., I have been feeling much better lately. My lousy mood only lasted for a few days, and then lifted. It then came back a few weeks later for a day or two. I happened to have a doctor's appointment around then and according to his quick test I had a mild case of the blues--not clinically depressed. But he gave me a tool to look at for help; it is called the Antidepressant Skills Workbook. So it's something to keep in mind should I need it. Interestingly enough, neither my N.D. or my M.D. mentioned light therapy, although they both checked to make sure I was getting enough Vitamin D.