Sunday, 15 March 2015

Halfway There

Here we are at the 'Ides of March' and it is also approximately halfway through our term in Zambia. The seasons of life continue:

The rains seem to have tapered off; while the sun is still strong during the day, it is pleasant and cool in the evening. We have quite a bit of standing water in our non-draining backyard, but almost every other puddle around has become bone-dry. We do have quite a few mosquitoes as a result of the standing water.

We released the tadpoles we had been keeping in the kitchen after five weeks of watching them grow legs. In fact, one disappeared from the tank; I think it hopped away into the kitchen someplace.

At Home School we are finished two terms of grade 1, with one remaining. We don't do too much with Malachi in preschool, but he is soaking up a large part of what Kate is learning in grade 1--she is teaching him all sorts of things. It has been gratifying to watch Kate learn to read and write. (English spelings ar so sillie somtimes, but wee all haf tu lurn them!)

The nights are always quiet...many times after the kids go to bed, you will find Michelle watching a DVD on her computer, and yours truly playing a game of Settlers online.

At Chodort we managed to finish another kitchen--painted white! I designed it and built the boxes, and some other guys made the doors and painted them. Fixing (installing) them went quite smoothly. I took some photos for the purpose of making a brochure that potential customers can read to understand our products and prices.

So, we continue to do our work here, remaining faithful to our calling, for He who called us is faithful.