Friday, 24 February 2017

Cajón No. 2

In 2015 I made a cajón (see this blog-video for one dog's opinion). It sounded really good and I enjoyed playing it; our house and plot were large enough that I didn't feel like I was bugging too many people when I played it. I left it with an American colleague (Drew, aka Oneheart, recording artist) in Zambia and I am happy to hear that it is getting some good use! But I needed to make another one, so when I found some 3/8" plywood in the recycling bin here in Canada, it was time to start.

A friend from the cabinet shop gave me a scrap of 1/4" plywood for the front, and I had some old steel guitar strings for the snare, so this drum cost me nothing! I added a "crotch protector" (not sure if there's a name for this yet) to the top front so as to reduce extending the arms while playing. I'm not sure if this affected the sound, or if it was the lighter box, or my strings weren't strung well, but the sound is not as good as my other one...but it's still fun to play. Just not as fun because I feel more self-conscious in the townhouse. Sorry, neighbours!

Now to write a song featuring it. I'm toying around with some lyrics relating to the parable of the weeds in Matthew 13...

'Bogganing in Queen E.

Victor and I went tobogganing in January in Queen Elisabeth Park.  It was a little icy but quite enjoyable once I figured out I could stop before the road!