Saturday, 26 March 2016

Daring Adventures Coming to an End

About 2.5 years ago I posted a blog entitled The Daring Adventures of the Potts in Zambia. Well, soon our adventure will be coming to an end (and I suppose a new one will begin). We are coming home a few months earlier than we had planned, at the end of April. Here are a few recent pictures:

Making dinner with charcoal when the power goes off

Malachi meets a Zebra

View from our room during our recent stay in Siavonga (Lake Kariba)

River side of Lake Kariba Dam. This has been the subject of many conversations in the past eight months, since load shedding began. The water has been lower than usual (it looked 10-15 metres) after being over-used during last season's low rains. Zambia and Zimbabwe share this great hydroelectric resource. That's Kate in the pink shirt, walking on top.

Please pray for us if you remember during this last month in Zambia. We have many goodbyes to say, and much packing to do. And thank God for us, too! We have had a wonderful experience here.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Weekend Magic

On Sunday I noticed a new friend nibbling on our palm tree. I thought only our dog liked to eat that palm tree, but I was sorely mistaken! Grasshopper? Locust? I don't know. But he was quite big so I snapped his photo.

Then later, after our water had been off all day (along with our electricity), we received...
Liquid chocolate from our taps! Mmm!

(Showering in chocolate takes some getting used to.)