Sunday, 11 November 2018

Hamster in the Sink

I was working away at a customer's empty basement suite, getting it tenant-ready, minding my own business, when I reached for an orange rag in the sink. Imagine my surprise when the rag was soft and warm and wiggled in my hand! It was a hamster!


How did a hamster get in the sink? It remains a mystery. I did find a few droppings on top of the fridge. Otherwise the place was spotless...

My customer was equally mystified but adamant that he did not want a hamster occupying his basement suite without a tenancy agreement. So I took it home in a bucket in my truck. Unfortunately he hopped out of the bucket and hid behind the glove compartment, until finally lured out that night with a plate of peanut butter. A colleague of Michelle's happened to have an empty hamster cage handy and my kids were quite excited to adopt him. His working name right now is "Teddy."

Sometimes life surprises you!