Monday, 28 September 2015

Lunar Eclipse Photos

I set my alarm for 2am this morning so as not to miss the great combined Supermoon Lunar Eclipse that won't happen again for 18 more years. I set up the tripod in the backyard and mounted the camera with a small zoom lens. I tried to stay quiet so I wouldn't attract the dog's attention. By 3am things looked promising; a small shadow appeared on the right side of the moon. I started some laundry while I waited and even did some dishes between shots. At 4:15 when the moon was eclipsed, I changed some settings on the camera, and with the longer exposure time captured the red colour better.

I mashed the photos together in the approximate path the moon took this morning. (click to enlarge)

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Michelle told me the other day that I wasn't happy unless I was doing a project. I suppose that's true to some degree. When there is free time I must fill it with something constructive. Maybe it is some artistic bent? Or do I have no self-worth unless I accomplish something? Or can I just not sit still for too long?

I had a co-worker once who was even more of a project lover than me. He always had something on the go at work that he would try to squeeze in during lunch hour or for a few minutes after work. He told me after I had young children that when his kids were young, if he worked too late on stuff, they would be sitting at their front window waiting for him and asking, "When is Daddy coming home?" So I made a decision to put my family first, or at least do my projects at home if possible.

My neighbour, who shares the backyard with me, asked me to make a wardrobe for him, because he'd seen me working on various Projects outside on my back porch and admired my work. I gave him a quote for materials only and did the labour for free. I ordered the hardwood items from Chodort and assembled the wardrobe during my odd spare hour. Finally it is finished!

Then there was our tree swing which I decided needed improving, so I spent a Sunday afternoon climbing this monstrous tree and giving our swing two ropes instead of one.

As our power is off 8 hours every day, I took some time to make a solar oven. It doesn't work too great yet though so I'll keep at it. This fits in with my concern about deforestation in Zambia (saving trees from being made into charcoal by cooking using the sun). I'm also experimenting with a solar panel and a 12 volt battery to see if we can extend our light and computer time.

Somewhere during this time my computer quit--the screen hinge pinched the video wires. So I want to cut out the pinched wire and solder on some longer ones. I'm not sure it will work. I'm actually typing this blog on it, but the laptop screen is bent down to a 60 degree angle, which makes for a bit of a kink in the neck!

As my projects get more involved, things like the doing the dishes get neglected and pile up. Now Michelle has asked me to take on a new project, which is to find the source of the big dead cockroaches we keep randomly finding on the floor in various rooms. "Here, cockroach, cockroach..."

There is always something to do for those that look for it!