Sunday, 20 November 2016

Gospel in Chairs/Beautiful Gospel (Brad Jersak video)

Okay, it's a little long...but I think it's important for understanding the "Gospel" (the good news Story of Jesus). I think I've gone through this shift a little bit myself in recent years but have found it hard to articulate.

Brad presents the gospel twice, using a couple of chairs to illustrate the relationship between God and people.

The first time is how he used to present it, preach it, and I suspect how many of us first understood it and still understand it: in a legal sense where God is the Judge, and Jesus substitutes himself for our sin on the cross.

The second time there is a shift from God as Judge to God as Healer/Rescuer/Lover. Which Gospel do you identify with? What are the implications?

Quote on Atonement Theory from minute 23: "The idea about God being pitted against Jesus...I think that has to go!"