Saturday, 25 March 2017

Beauty and the Beast - Theatre

I was asked awhile ago if I would like to help with set construction for Gallery 7's production of Beauty and the Beast. I had never done any before and was interested to learn, plus I love to volunteer with this theatre, so I started helping out a few times after work, and on Saturdays. It was a daunting task; the workshop was sufficient but not as efficient as my workplace. And the set was quite big. There were many 4x8 flats to make, some mounted on risers with wheels, some 10 feet high, and when stacked in pieces pretty close to to 20 feet high. Then there were custom arched doorways and windows, and stairs. I learned a lot from the guy in charge, Phil, and was able to make a significant contribution.
The last week before the show was quite packed. I was at the theatre when I wasn't at work or sleeping for most days. While stressful, it was also enjoyable helping make this show a success.

Today our family attended the matinee at Abbey Arts Centre, and it was very well done; after the show Kate got pictures with many of the characters including Belle and the Beast. Malachi only wanted a picture with Gaston. Kate took this picture of Mom and Dad with Gaston and LeFou (played by a girl named Emily who also helped with building/painting the set one day).