Monday, 22 July 2013


The Journey Continues: We fly to Akron for Orientation tomorrow. We drove down to Denver in two days and stayed the day here with our friends, Ted and Rachel. The drive down was not too bad, considering the first day was about 15 hours of travel and the second day was about 13. The kids were pretty good there, in the back seat of the Civic, and anytime they got a bit unruly they were given iPhones to keep them quiet (until the batteries ran out!).

There's still so much to do; I'm glad we have some time after Orientation to finish up all the things that need doing! Such as, moving, figuring out what to do with our condo (if it sells or not), doctors appointments (getting things up to snuff for some time away from the System), saying goodbyes, sending out prayer letters, wrapping up banking, Power of Attorney, etc.

We used a Notary for the first time last week; it was a good experience. All he had to do was certify a bunch of documents for a travel visa, but he only charged us $50 though the bill could have run up to $170. Now we have someone that I feel a little bit more confident going to for wills, Power of Attorney, transfer of Title, etc. We got some grace in regards to our visa because we thought it would take about three more weeks to get the documents sent off to Africa. But our police checks came back in three business days instead of ten, so all was ready in time! And another piece of grace was that we have two of our three missionaries covered while we're away--a family member and a friend have volunteered to cover them so we don't have to drop their support for three years. Anyone else want the last one? :)