Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Like a Chicken with the Face of a Monkey

Things have been a bit busy lately. Homeschooling kids that are too busy playing to do their work. Computer quotations without electricity. Preparing for classes, church services, and chapels that are postponed at five minutes notice and then a few days later revived with five minutes notice; it helps to be flexible! Low or no water pressure. Scheduling long weekends at the same time as colleagues. A Celebration service that turns into Condolences when a guest passes away unexpectedly. Getting stopped at a police check driving someone else's vehicle whose road tax had expired. Friends that confide marital problems. Hot weather. Teaching someone computer skills a week before their job interview. Sick kids, colleagues, wife, me. Just lots going on.

I need to stop doing things solely with my own strength. Reboot!
Note: The title and the picture of the saw have no significance other than to demonstrate chaos through their disunity! My sense of humour is still intact!