Tuesday, 19 January 2010


A few people have asked how I am doing lately (healthwise). Depending on how I am doing at the moment, I answer accordingly...overall I am doing quite well (better than I have been in ten months), but I still have moments/days that are not as fun.

Last night I experienced the interesting phenomenon known as 'crawling skin.' It literally feels as though my skin is crawling. Apparently it shows up in people who are lacking sleep and under stress, but is known to the hypoglycemic as well. As I had been short on sleep the night before, I guess that's why my skin chose last night to crawl... fun hey?

This morning at work I was also feeling a bit off, and was praying to my Father to help me make it through the day. I seem to feel closer to God when I am in greater need (desperation). It shouldn't be that way. But I also noticed that this afternoon when I felt much better, I was thankful and praising Him for that. So I guess I felt close to Him then, too. It is worship to need God, because He created us to be dependent on Him. It is also worship to thank him for every breath. Hallelujah!

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