Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hypoglycemia Book Reviews

The first three books I read when I suspected I had hypoglycemia are briefly reviewed below. They are all available through the Fraser Valley Regional Library.

Hypoglycemia: The Other Sugar Disease by Anita Flegg
This is a good primer to hypoglycemia. The author identifies and sympathizes with many symptoms. The real-life examples of people in different stages of struggle are encouraging, as many of them show that progress is possible! It is also a Canadian book, which is nice...It is written in easy-to-understand language and explains things such as the Glycemic Index. I e-mailed the author to thank her for her book, and she actually e-mailed me back! Recommended if you or someone you know thinks they may have hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia: The Classic Healthcare Handbook by Saunders & Ross
This book has been around for many years (in fact the MD coauthor has since passed away). It is quite heavy on the 'health nut' side of things but explains the reasons why. The author rails against the evils of sugar, processed foods, etc...which gets a bit tiresome. I enjoyed the medical side, though, such as the explanations of why some glucose tolerance tests get misinterpreted, and the three stages most patients go through (I was in the middle stage and getting quite discouraged until I read that my symptoms were expected). A good technical book with some good health-nut ideas too.

Hypoglycemia for Dummies by Chow and Chow
This is another good primer for hypoglycemia. It is written in easy-to-understand terminology. I enjoyed the coverage of the 'sugar blues' side of things (depression) and was glad to read more about the impact stress has, and how to manage stress through various exercises (though some were a little too far out for me).

Overall I got something new out of each book and am glad I read them all. A friend I know from high school youth group recommended another one about adrenal fatigue, so I have requested that from the library. Incidentally, this friend is struggling with the same thing I am, though he has it a bit worse right now...it is good to know I'm not alone!

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