Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day 90

90 days. 3 months. The length of time generally taken to recover from annoying recurring hypoglycemia symptoms while following said diet. Today marks such a day. And of note, I have had a lot more energy than usual this week, working overtime 3 days in a row--and being quite tired three nights in a row. :) I have felt a lot better though. Will it last? Maybe, maybe not--I have had good weeks before. And I still don't feel perfect--a little dizzy last night, a little off this morning...but so, so, so much better than even a few weeks ago. Thanks God!

Today (thursday) I am home on this frosty morning, looking after Joey and waiting for Kate to wake up. Joey is playing with his milk bottle (not drinking it) and has just eaten an enormous quantity of grapes and apples. I am enjoying the rest from physical labour. On Monday and Tuesday I was installing windowsills in a penthouse in downtown Vancouver, and yesterday I installed a countertop at the new Burger King just a few blocks away from my home. It was all decent, enjoyable work, but time pressures and obstacles made it challenging.


Michelle said...

I'm surprised you didn't write yourself a comment! :)

Andrew said...

Aren't you funny. :D

Jennifer Gardner said...

congraulations. I can tell you it does get better. My diet changed back in July and now in December, I am finally starting to feel like I can (almost) eat like a normal person again; instead of every two hours. I am learning more and more what my trigger foods are and learning to avoid them (although ice cream is still a weakness). I have found several breads I can eat that don't trigger a drop in blood sugar. I have even begun to reintroduce sugar in VERY small increments, and don't seem to have any problems. i.e. a piece of Dove dark chocolate.

So keep hope, it does get better. I think eliminating white flour has been the hardest, but best decision yet. Thankfully, society as a whole seems to be going to a healthier lifestyle and I have even found whole grain mac and cheese at Wal-mart!

one more thing, the mini juice boxes are good to keep on hand in case your sugar does get low. It's a quick pick up but not so much that it causes another crash. Just be sure to eat something more substantial within 30 minutes or so of the juice box.

So until next time, keep on eating right and getting back to enjoying life. Very proud of your accomplishments!


Andrew said...

Hey Jen, thanks for your comment, and we got your Christmas card in the mail yesterday! Nice pictures of Canada! Sugar in any amount still seems to affect me--even a handful of raisins! :-| But things definitely feel more normal, so that is great!