Saturday, 21 November 2009

Something that Matters

I drove to Vancouver with Victor and Kate today. We left at 1pm, got lost as usual driving to Richmond, and visited Victor's friend Betty in New Westminster (who wasn't home, but he dropped off a card in her mailbox). Then we visited his old house off Knight and 61st, and Kate started to stink so I changed her diaper in the car, squished into the backseat with her because it was raining outside. Victor checked his old neighbour's house too but no one was home. Then we called a few of his friends to see who was meeting us for supper. We had an hour to kill before we went for supper, so I called 411 and got the address of the Richmond IKEA to check out some lights. Then we met Victor's friend Walter at Red Robin at Oak and Broadway for dinner. I changed Kate's diaper again and fed her and managed to eat a few macho nachos too. Victor paid for dinner (I paid for gas). All throughout the day I felt okay but definitely noticed when stress kicked in...and had a few small dizzy spells at the restaurant (it wasn't super-relaxing, thanks to Kate). We drove home in the pounding dark rain at 7pm and talked a bit about heaven. Victor is one of the most encouraging people I know on this subject.

Things didn't go exactly as Victor had planned but I've learned to 'roll with the punches' and it was still an enjoyable day. Victor gave me a Christmas card and I opened it when i got home. It's the first one I've gotten this is a colourful stocking-shaped card; you might get a pack of ten at the dollar store. Yet inside contains profundity. Painstakingly written in Victor's trademark handwriting, a mix of capitals and small letters with decent spelling and atrocious grammar, is a bible verse (Luke 2:7) and a mini sermon/prayer relating to it, and several more humble prayers that demonstrate a heart that loves Jesus more than anything and that is willing to do anything He asks.

As I sat there and read this card (ending with 'HaPPY NeaR 2010") I decided that this could very well be the best Christmas card I will receive this year. Perhaps the greatest gift, even. Thank you, Jesus.

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