Friday, 13 November 2009

Kitchen Renovations

A project I have had in mind for some time but not had the energy or resources to complete is the creation of a breakfast nook in the kitchen. Finally a few weeks ago I purchased a sheet of plywood and made some boxes (see picture). Then last week I installed them 4 inches above the floor and levelled them out as best as I could. Previously there was a breakfast bar in this corner, so I had to remove that and fill and paint the wall behind it. I was able to cut it up to help fund the efficient use of wood for my boxes and supports.

Next I plan to find a seat for the bench. I am hoping to use 3/4" pine with cabinet door hinges at the back, mitred at 22.5 degrees with rounded edges on all four sides, and stained and varnished with the colour 'Ikea' (to match our other furniture!). Then the table: a 4 sided monstrosity with a 41 inch radius. I was hoping to use the legs from a cheap table I'd seen at MCC, but today when I checked it was gone. The top of the table will (hopefully) be solid surface, using about 10 sink cutouts from a job we did for the Garrison apartments. It will be a ton of work but should look nice (the colour is Corian: Maui). I plan to place wanescotting along the vertical edge of the seats and a white laminate toe kick. All completed the job should cost about $200 plus 200 hours of labour!

Kate took it upon herself to inspect things as you can see in the picture.

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