Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Project Update

The breakfast nook bench is coming along nicely. The 3 lid parts have been cut and the front edge glued on, sanded, stained, and mostly varnished. The laminate toekick is done. The table with nice sturdy oak legs has been bought at a bargain from MCC ($15, luckily I hit a 50% off day!). The seamkit for the table top has been purchased. The drawer rails are purchased also; I just have to build a drawer now...might be a bit of a challenge without a tablesaw, trying to get it square! I am trying to get it functional in time for Christmas guests. Shouldn't be a problem as I only have one more coat of varnish on one piece.

In other news we got some other great bargains at MCC the other day including cutlery and videos. Here is a picture of Kate and me watching the Veggietales Silly Songs Countdown video:


Anonymous said...

looks great!
merry christmas :)

Jennifer Gardner said...

cool. can't wait to see it all finished. Would be even better if I could see it in person!