Saturday, 21 January 2012

Winter Come and Gone

Last week the snow came. Boy, did it come! I didn't even ride my bike to work all week; it was too cold. But, then the arctic outflow or whatever it was ended, and we are back to our four degree rainy weather. The snowman is melting, the grass is starting to show in spots...

It's been a little stir crazy around here with the kids cooped up inside. It didn't help that Malachi has been getting some molars and they are taking a month to finally cut through. It all started to get to me today--just needed a break--but then we visited some friends for the day and I felt like someone hit the 'reset' button and am back to normal. I suspect part of the problem was eating too much sugar yesterday. I think if I eat too much sugar I feel a bit angry. I read somewhere that this can happen with diabetes, as well.

Now that winter is over, bring on Spring!

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Goose said...

Come on, in Canada, winter isn't over till July!