Sunday, 8 January 2012

We Gave Jesus some Pears

Life's been full lately. Not full as in "my tummy hurts", but a pleasant after-dinner burp full. We've settled into our new work/stay home routine a bit, despite the change that Christmas Holidays brought for a week. Malachi keeps growing and changing, so that keeps us on our toes (though mostly it keeps Kate on her toes!).

For Christmas, we had Christmas at my parents' place, then the second one later that night/next day at Michelle's aunt and uncle's house in Edmonton. Then we stayed with her parents for the remainder of the week. It was a good break from our life at home, although with two munchkins zooming around the house, it was restful in a relative manner. We also saw some friends in Red Deer and the lights of Airdrie--gotta love the outdoor skating pond in the park, it's so romantically Canadian!

Malachi seemed to get rid of his fear of strange people over the holidays. He doesn't mind being held by other people now. However, we're still having trouble getting away and leaving him with babysitters--somehow he senses we're gone and screams until we come back. It could also be that he's teething a bunch of molars right now...poor little fellow!

I enjoyed leading worship at church today. The band was full--great musicians and worshippers. There was lots of positive feedback. It's nice to be able to serve my church with my gifts--and lots of fun too!

On our way to Care Group today we did a quick shopping stop. As we returned to our car in the parking lot, a lady asked us for some change to buy soup. She said she was pregnant. We had no change, but parted with some pears. While it felt good to help out, it also felt like we didn't do nearly enough. We continued on our merry way to Care Group to study the Bible. :-|

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