Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pranking the Neighbours

Down the hall we have some neighbours that like to decorate their door according to the season. At Halloween they had some yellow tape on their door amongst other decorations. So I added an orange sign that read BEWARE OF CAT (they have two of them). To my chagrin they left that sign up for several months.

Then for Easter they put up a very colourful wreath on their door, covered with flowers and plastic eggs. It begged for some further decoration so I made a little beanie cap for one of the chicks!

What else have I been up to? Work and family, mostly. Malachi has been sleeping well although he still goes to bed quite late (about 11pm). I have continued to do a little bit of 'Handy Andy,' but not too much. I have felt pretty good physically and mentally lately. My MD ran my bi-yearly blood tests recently and a lot of stuff had improved. So that is great news!

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