Sunday, 15 February 2015

Oreo the Canine Meteorologist

We had a big rain last night, with thunder and lightning disturbing our sleep for awhile. In the morning I looked outside and saw Oreo's food dish, full of water. Oreo has an annoying habit of moving her empty dish around the yard after eating. So when it's feeding time, I play 'find the food dish' since I haven't yet convinced her to fetch it herself.

But what Oreo was really trying to do was to measure rainfall. So I checked with a ruler and it was 60mm (over two inches). Not a bad soaking; the backyard is back to its lake-like status.

There was quite a layer of sand at the bottom of the dish, which indicates a heavier type of rain, which disturbs the earth it falls on and makes it jump into dog water dishes.

Now if I can just get Oreo to predict the weather, she'll be earning her keep.

1 comment:

Oreo said...

When do you think you can spring for a hygrometer?