Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Almost There

We packed. We packed some more. We drove to my parents house for supper and to see our kids once in awhile. We packed. Then we moved our boxes with some help from Dad and church friends. We went to the MCC Relief Sale. We had Kate's birthday party a bit early. We cleaned. We had a send-off at church and a good-bye party at a friend's house. We ran errands and tied up loose ends. We said good-bye to my family and home in general. We flew away!

But we are not in Africa yet! We are in Alberta to say good-bye to Michelle's side of the family. I spent today doing some final paperwork and then rode Michael's bike to town to use the bank and post office (I do love small towns!). Then I worked on supper preparation a bit while everyone else drove to town for slurpees. It's been quite a relaxing day after the last whirlwind week of getting ready.

We have had many people giving us words of encouragement, and I think only one giving us a word of warning...we have felt very supported by our family, friends, and church community. Christian Community is indeed a wonderful thing! Many people have also given us some cash to help with our moving expenses, which are a bit more than I anticipated, but it looks like everything will work out about right. When you leave a first world country for three years, you have to take care of lots of things, such as making sure your medical, vision, and dental health is all up to date. Then times that by four if you have four people in your family! Then there is the matter of immunizations for strange diseases you may pick up in a third world country. Don't forget to load up on meds for malaria and other things you normally take. It's a lot at once!

Anyway, I hear the call for supper...Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf. Mmm.

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