Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Too Many Beans

Okay, okay, I didn't eat too many beans, as the title of this post may have suggested to you. I just couldn't think of a title. And although the two Jumping Beans pictured above are quite rambunctious, there are not too many of them. Two is just right!

It's been a quiet evening in our household tonight; the kids went to bed with a fuss and a bath and a bang and then were asleep; the wife went to dance some Zumba with a friend, and I stayed home and quietly played Settlers online, then listened to some music. I am enjoying the current PRAISE contest called the Local Music Search. Anyone can submit a song (CCM) and twelve are chosen for listeners to vote for, and the winner wins a bunch of stuff including opening for Starfield at our local summer fair. So far 8 of the 12 entries have been revealed and I am not one of them (yet--keep hope alive!). But they are all great songs to listen to and good for drawing me closer to God. As for the song I submitted--well, after I heard about the contest, I wrote the lyrics, then the next day some music, then the next day recorded the tracks, and the last day, mixed and mastered it. So it was a quick process, not as polished as it could have been, but I feel good about it--that it is original and speaks about where my heart is at.

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