Monday, 13 December 2010

What goes around

I had a busy week and have not caught up yet--to the point that I called in sick to work today. Which is silly, because I have the rest of the week off starting Tuesday for baby reasons. But, I did not feel well this morning. Perhaps it was the busyness, or the change in diet (see below), or the food at my work banquet last night, or the nasty flu that Kate and Michelle had last week. Regardless, here I am, a bit weak but not too bad otherwise...waiting for Michelle to pick up her mom at the airport. Baby is arriving tomorrow!!!

I saw my naturopath on Thursday, 2 months earlier than my scheduled appointment, due to a cancellation. The purpose for this visit was a food sensitivity test that I had previously requested. It took about 20 minutes and there was no pain or blood drawn or divining rod. I just held the metal rod in one hand, that is wired somehow to the metal pen he would push on a part of a finger on my other hand. The graphs on his computer screens would be drawn as pressure was applied. Anything above a 70 range was something I was sensitive to; the food data was programmed into the computer. He went through a full-page panel of foods, starting with grains and going through fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, dairy, spices, additives, etc. While not completely comprehensive, just about every food the average north american can readily think of was on there.

There were a few confirmations of my suspicions. For example, Cows Milk made that graph shoot up past the top. It was subsequently labeled a '3' on my paper (don't eat it). Other cow's milk products had the same result. However, there were plenty of things that surprised me, as well. Goats milk products and soy products showed up as fine. Wheat and spelt were a '2', as in don't eat it but if there's some flour in your soup sometimes, that's okay. And there were a few foods that I was mildly sensitive to, such as yams, and radishes. Peanuts got a '3' (no more peanut butter!) :( Chicken and pork got 2's (that'll be a tough one). Eggs were fine, all the weird new grains I've been trying were fine, beef and fish were fine although shellfish like shrimp were not too good. The tomato/pepper/potato family was all 2's...strangely enough.

So, a few more things need to change, once again. I was just starting to get used to this Glycemic Index stuff...which will continue of course, as it seems to help.

Stay tuned for baby pictures in the next few days!

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Anonymous said...

congrats, mr. potts! i've seen the pix on michelle's facebook page, but will check back here for any new ones :)