Thursday, 24 June 2010

Joey's Last Day

Today marks the end of a school-year of babysitting! Last September Michelle arranged to watch baby Joey during the day for her friend. Michelle took Tuesdays, and I took Thursdays. Joey is only two months younger than Kate and it has been fun to watch them grow up, reach different milestones, and learn to play together. Joey started crawling, walking, running, climbing, etc. several months before Kate did, but Kate was quicker to use her 'fine motor skills' to use a spoon, or do a puzzle. Michelle wasn't able to continue watching Joey in the spring due to her pregnancy sickness, but I continued on Thursdays.

As for me, it was strange enough in the eyes of our culture to be a stay-at-home Dad for two days a week, but to babysit someone else's kid as as well!?! Unheard of! But I enjoyed it. It gave me a chance to rest from my physically demanding job--still earning a few bucks--while having a chance to spend more time with my daughter.

Kate can't really say her own name yet, but she can say Joey's: "Dough-whee!"

It is the last Thursday of the school year today; summer vacation is coming and next September Joey will have alternate arrangements. So long, little buddy. It was good to get to know you.
Kate on Joey's last day

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